40 Minutes to a 5 to 15% Productivity Improvement

Presented by Dr. Chuck DeBettignies

• How to Increase Productivity 5 to 15%

• How to drive More Throughput, Lower Costs, & Better Margins

• How to get your people to work with Urgency

• How to give them "Skin in the Game"

• How to motivate people to pull together

• How to make sure your system is self-funding

• How all of this could be applied in your Company 

And much more . . .

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Presented by


Dr. Chuck DeBettignies

Dr. Chuck DeBettignies is an author, speaker, seminar leader, Gainsharing expert, and founder of Gainsharing Inc.


His company implements Gainsharing systems to motivate employees to pursue great performance with a performance-based pay reward system that leads to an improved bottom-line at the same time.